Lesbian Light Show - S18:E7

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Marley Brinx and Jenna Sativa are ready to square off in a nude light stick battle that only ends when their lips lock in a passionate kiss. Pressing Jenna onto the ottoman, Marley uses the flat of her tongue to lick all over her lovers neck before settling between Jennas legs. Stiffening her tongue, Marley feasts on Jennas landing strip twat until Jennas eyes are rolling back in her head with pleasure. Soon Jenna is lifting her hips in time with Marleys thrusts, riding her womans mouth in a passion that wont be denied. Turning the tables on Marley, Jenna encourages the raven haired coed to climb up her body so that her pussy is even with Jennas mouth. That leaves Jenna free to use both her lush lips and a magic finger to fill and fuck Marleys juicy snatch while still having a hand to rub her own clit. Marley is happy to hang on and enjoy every moment of the ride. Now that the girls have each had the opportunity to take the edge off, Jenna gets on her hands and knees and spreads her legs while Marley pulls out a glass dildo. Pressing it into Jennas creamy fuck hole, Marley uses one hand to fondle her lovers clit while the other works the toy in and out. She even gets her tongue in on the action by eagerly lapping at Jennas tight anus to heighten her girlfriends pleasure. Next its Jennas turn to play with the toy. She positions Marley above her face so that the Canadians lusty twat is within licking distance of her mouth. Then she presses the dildo into Marleys creamy sheath. When Marley is fully impaled and contentedly riding the toy with shallow thrusts of her hips, Jenna seats the end of the dildo in her mouth and spreads her thighs so that she can spread the joy by rubbing Jennas fun button. Switching places again, Jenna rises up over Marleys mouth and grabs her lovers tits to hold on while she goes for a lusty ride. Although she could perch on Marleys face all day, Jenna has something grander in mind. Leaning forward slowly, she gradually works her way down until she is in the perfect position for a 69 with her face and hands able to reach all the right spots. Still not quite satisfied, the girls arrange themselves rump to rump with the long dildo filling them both to completion. Working together, they get their hips in action for an orgasmic ride that leaves them each sated and finally spent as they lick their dildo clean.

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Date: July 01nd, 2020
Duration: 00:20:06
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NubileFilms.com: Lesbian Light Show - S18:E7 (Jenna Sativa, Marley Brinx), Lesbians [HD 720p]