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Obey Melanie/Barefoot Princess Video/Clips4Sale.com: Cumming Maid Easy (Obey Melanie) - Maid [HD 720p]

I know its hard to cum. It takes a lot of hard work to earn your orgasm. And Orgasm Control can be humiliating. But Im here to help! I know how to control your dick and leave you cumming like the man you used to be. Of course youll earn it. But your not affraid of a little "hard" work, right?
OyeLoca.com/TeamSkeet.com: Creaming The House (Luna Corazon) - Ebony [SD 480p]

VIPissy.com: Servicing the Maid (Oprah, Tera Link) - Maid [FullHD 1080p]

LetsTryAnal.com/Mofos.com: Backdoor Nurse (Quinn Wilde) - Anal [HD 720p]

JimSlip: Susan in seams! (Susan) - Old and Young [SD 540p]

LetsTryAnal.com/Mofos.com: Backdoor Nurse (Quinn Wilde) - Nurse [SD 480p]

WebYoung/GirlsWay: Rhythm Is A Dancer (Joseline Kelly, Judy Jolie) - Lesbians [FullHD 1080p]

Joseline Kelly is busy enjoying some alone time in her bedroom, lost in her own world as she pleases herself while watching a video on her cellphone. She is clearly on a mission to push herself into orgasmic bliss. Meanwhile, Judy Jolie returns home with an armful of books, calling out to her mom, but doesnt get a response. Joseline thinks she hears something through her haze but dismisses it and gets right back to having fun, unaware that her step-sisters home. Thinking that she has the house to herself, a pleased Judy puts on her headphones, then practices her steamy moves in front of a full-length mirror. She even strips down as she sensually performs for no one elses eyes but her own. Joseline, done with pleasuring herself for the time being, leaves her bedroom and catches her step-sister dancing seductively and silently in front of the mirror. Shes unable to resist the tantalizing sight as her hand wanders down her own body while Judy continues to dance, oblivious to her sisters hungry gaze. Joseline then makes her presence known by sneaking up behind Judy and brushing her hips. Judy is surprised and embarrassed, although the shyness quickly fades as she exchanges heated gazes and touches with her sister. Joseline comments that she had no idea that her step-sister was so hot and all grown up. Judy playfully responses with, This is embarrassing, but maybe Im not your little step-sister anymore... The two sisters are unable to hide their passion for each other any longer as flirty touches turn into something much more.
BratPrincess: Ruined And Returned To Chastity (Natalya, Anabelle Pync) - HDRip [FullHD 1080p]

Anabelle and Natalya have a slave tied into a chair at the Edging Salon. He has been booked for a routine orgasm ruining. Both teasers look incredibly sexy in their shiny spandex uniforms as they edge the cock of their client’s slave. The slave is completely unaccustomed to being this close to women this beautiful. The teasers know that they have complete control over their client’s slave with their incredible bodies. Anabelle and Natalya ruin the slave twice in under ten minutes, then put him right back in his chastity cage and send him straight back to his Princess.
PinkOTgirls.com: The Maid With A Big Cock Between The Legs (Dafne) - Maid [SD 406p]

NewSensations: Vienna Finally Fucks Her Coach (Jax Slayher, Vienna Black) - Interracial [SD 400p]

DoctorAdventures/Brazzers: Stress Test Sex (Lauren Phillips) - Nurse [SD 480p]

DoctorAdventures/Brazzers: Stress Test Sex (Lauren Phillips) - Nurse [FullHD 1080p]

MyDirtyMaid/BangBros: Blasian Maid Swallows my Cock (Berlyn Toy) - Maid [SD 480p]

MyDirtyMaid/BangBros: Blasian Maid Swallows my Cock (Berlyn Toy) - Maid [FullHD 1080p]

GirlsWay: Duplicity (Kristen Scott, Alina Lopez, Jane Wilde) - Facesitting [FullHD 1080p]

Kristen Scott is a spoiled rich girl who just has to have her way. She invites Jane Wilde over to show off her new expensive handbags that her daddy bought her. Alina Lopez, the house maid, overhears their conversation and is grossed out at how materialistic the girls are being. She whispers to herself that theirs more important things in life than money but unfortunately for her, the girls hear her. Kristen humiliates her saying that she should stick to cleaning toilets. A little later, Kristen and Jane are hanging out in the club when theyre approached by a strange man. Jane is worried as the guy looks sketchy, but Kristen tells her to get lost as she knows him. Unbeknownst to Jane, this guy is Kristens supplier. After they make the deal, shots are fired in the club hitting Jane in the arm. She wakes up in a hospital bed, with Kristen at her bedside whos crying crocodile tears. She knows if Jane rats on her, she could get in trouble and doesnt want to risk doing time. The thing is, Jane is on to her friend. She knows that all she cares about is herself. If she wants her to keep her mouth shut, Kristen is going to have to give her something in return; one of her expensive handbags. Kristen realizes she has no choice and agrees. As she leaves the hospital, she runs into her maid, Alina. Kristen tells her shes not in the mood for any type of confrontation, but when Alina shows her video evidence of her making the exchange with her supplier, she gets Kristens attention quickly. Kristen asks her what she wants, and Alina tells her she wants to dyke it out with her. Kristen isnt even gay, but Alina doesnt care. Shes either going to fuck her or go to jail. Later on in the house, the girls are diking it out in Kristens room when theres a knock at the door. Kristen sticks her head out to find Jane smiling mischievously. When she asks her what shes doing there, the girls tell her that theyre in cahoots and that theyve been conspiring to fuck her for months. Kristen knows they have dirt on her that could get her in real trouble and has no choice but to give them what they want; her wet pussy!
GirlsWay: Already In Trouble (Kenzie Reeves, Kali Roses, Emily Willis) - Facesitting [FullHD 1080p]

Emily Willis and Kali Roses are in detention making quite a racket. When Kenzie Reeves walks in, the girls notice her immediately. Whats an innocent cute looking girl like that doing in detention the girls wonder. Before Kenzie has a chance to sit down, the girls pounce on her like a pack of hungry wolves. Pummeling her with questions, the girls cant imagine how she ended up in detention with them. When she tells them she cut class, the girls are thoroughly impressed. She elaborates saying that she used the time to volunteer at an animal shelter. The girls laugh at how adorable she is as they start running their hands through her hair. As Kenzie tries to focus on studying, the girls tell her that shell have plenty of time for that later as they start undressing her. Kenzie is concerned that a teacher might walk in on them at any minute, but the girls assure her that no ones going to check up on a bunch of delinquents like them. She tries to talk her way out of it but its no use. By the time she finishes her sentence, her shirt is off, and the girls are squeezing her tits. Kenzie really has to study but by the time the girls are sucking on her tits, shes completely forgotten about her homework. The girls are desperate to teach her a lesson and theyll make sure its one Kenzie will never forget!
DoctorAdventures/Brazzers: Stress Test Sex (Lauren Phillips) - Nurse [FullHD 1080p]

Daughterswap: Bailed Out Of Jail For Fucking My Friends Father (Ava Parker, Summer Day) - Old and Young [FullHD 1080p]

Ava Parker and Summer Day had such a fun night that they ended up in jail. We can all relate to that situation. The only problem is they had no idea how they were going to get bailed out of there. Luckily, one of their fathers had a friend in law enforcement who tipped him off. Now he had to go tell the other father too. This did not look like it was going to end well for the girlies. As their fathers arrived, they switched daughters and clearly explained to them that they needed to learn an important lesson from this. They got down on their knees and began to suck their friends fathers cocks. The sucking symbolized relieving their dads of the pain from all of their bad behavior. They then got penetrated through the bars to symbolize how hard life can really fuck you over. This is the first ever prison scared straight swap and we certainly believe that these girls are forever changed thanks to the quick thinking of their downright dirty daddys.
PornHub.com/PornHubPremium.com: Hot Petite Maid gets her Creamy Pussy Fucked and Creampied (TinnaAngel) - Maid [FullHD 1080p]

PornHub.com/PornHubPremium.com: Horny Maid gets Fucked in the Kitchen (TinnaAngel) - Maid [FullHD 1080p]

PornHub.com/PornHubPremium.com: NaughtyNurse came Celebrate Halloween Party with a Good Fuck (AliceWonderHole) - Orgy [FullHD 1080p]

LadyVoyeurs.com: Modern Girls (Anna Reid, Marie Carter) - Femdom [FullHD 1080p]

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