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NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: Daddy Will Be Pissed - (Paisley Rae) - Blowjob [FullHD 1080p]

18Eighteen/PornMegaLoad: Deep Throating Dads Friend - (Madison Breeze) - Blowjob [FullHD 1080p]

18Eighteen/PornMegaLoad: Deep Throating Dads Friend - (Madison Breeze) - Blowjob [SD 400p]

40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad: This butthole for rent - (Payton Parker) - Mature [FullHD 1080p]

40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad: This butthole for rent - (Payton Parker) - Mature [SD 400p]

PornMegaLoad: Getting Her Kicks - (Sammy Daniels) - Blowjob [FullHD 1080p]

ScoreLand/PornMegaLoad: Milly Marks First Anal Scene - (Milly Marks) - Anal [FullHD 1080p]

PornMegaLoad/Scoreland: Really Big, Bigly Real Boobs - (Lara Jones) - Solo, Softcore [SD 480p]

It might be a little early to call Lara Jones a legend. Some are already calling her that, a title usually reserved for boob royalty (Lorna Morgan or Lisa Phillips, for example). We're sure Lara appreciates the praise. She reads everything on SCORELAND and in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. Lara is serving up something special in the kitchen in this scene. And that something special is herself. "I don't have any special talent," Lara said. We must disagree without being rude. She has talent from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Give Lara a warm, sunny day and she's a happy girl.
40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad: Getting to know Dee Williams inside and out - (Featuring: Dee Williams) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

First, we get to know Dee Williams, a 40-year-old wife who lives in Las Vegas with her husband. Then we get to watch this super-horny, big-titted blonde play with her pussy and stuff a butt plug up her tight, super-sensitive ass. When it comes to sex, she said, "I love all the things. You name a kind of sex, I pretty much like it. I love super-romantic sex. I also love bondage and sex. That's a great combination. And I also love rough sex. The thing I love most about sex is intensity. Fast doesn't mean intense.
BootyLiciousMag/PornMegaLoad: Dressed Up For Fuckin' - (Keita Eden, Levi Cash) - Ebony [HD 720p]

Keita Eden is not only pretty, but she has one of those wide asses that you want to grab onto while you tap that from behind. Watch her get all dolled up to fuck and have champagne poured down her ass crack. She even gets an ice cube pushed into her hot pussy before she gets cocked down hard. "It's all about being open to whatever a man wants to do in the bedroom," says Keita. "If he wants to get freaky with ice cubes and bubbly, I am all for that. As long as he does me right and then sprays my ass with his cum so I can lick it all off. I love the way that cum tastes. So as long as he gives me that sweet cum, I am down for whatever kinky shit he wants to do.".
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Codi Goes Country - (Codi Vore) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

On the balcony of a hidden-away country home, Codi Vore calls you over to come visit. She wants to show you something. Codi bares her big, beautiful tits and that's enough to convince you to go see her. There won't be a shotgun-carrying father around to spoil the fun. Now, about that name Vore. Some readers have written about it. It's the first time any girl at SCORELAND has ever talked about having this obscure fetish. The fantasy of being eaten or watching people get eaten. The movie and play Little Shop Of Horrors is about a plant that eats people, and the schlock 1960s movie The Crawling Terror had a big alien bug wandering around that swallowed girls like a vacuum cleaner. Both tapped into vorarephilia.
NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: Acrobatic Fucker - (Anastasia Knight, J Mac) - Teen [HD 720p]

Would you look at this acrobatic lil' fucker? Anastasia bounces on that dick like it's a fucking Pogo stick. She's 5'4" tall, weighs a scant 105 pounds and shouldn't be able to take a dick like J-Mac's in her snug pussy, but she somehow manages. "I'm into stretching my pussy as much as possible," Anastasia told us. "It always hurts a little at first, but then I get into it and the pain mixes with the pleasure and it drives me nuts. My ex used to fist me. He started with three fingers one time and I don't know what got into my head, but I told him to try more. He licked my clit with his entire hand inside me and I started gushing all over the bed. I got cum drunk for the first time. I didn't know where I was or what happened for about five minutes after that orgasm!" Anastasia doesn't just love dick. "Of course I'm bisexual," she informed us.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Big, Latina MILF Tits - (Alessandra Miller) - Latinas [HD 720p]

If you look up the definition of "big-busted Latina hottie" in your Boobster's Dictionary, you will see pictures of Daylene Rio, Kitana Flores, Cat Bangles, Angelina Castro and many others, including the Colombian Tit Squad: Shara Lopez, Katy Shavon and Shanie Gaviria. Now there's a new entry for the dictionary and this dime piece's name is Alessandra Miller, originally from Bolivia, and now a south Florida resident. "It's a privilege to be a SCORE Girl," Alessandra tweeted. "Good girls are just bad girls who didn't get caught," she joked. "One of the hottest scenes I did so far was with Carlos Rios. It was amazing. Our scene came out so hot. I love to go down on this papi. I loved my scene with JMac. I couldn't get enough." Alessandra dances in this scene, stripping off piece by piece until she's totally naked in high heels, bouncing and shaking her big, natural boobs and giving herself the finger, building up to a wet cum.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: The Rich Bitch & The Working Stiff - (Lucy Love, Matt Bird) - Big Tits, Big Boobs [HD 720p]

Horny Hungarian Lucy Love has several fuck fantasies she replays in her mind from years of reading erotic fiction, or as they say in the biz, dirty books. What's a main one for Lucy? It's a wet dream that's been a staple for two hundred years: the rich, aristocratic bitch married to a rich, old fart who can't put out the fire in her panties. His hose just doesn't reach that far. So she seeks out the virile hunks who tend the garden, the pool, the house and the stable. These dudes usually work shirtless so their mistress can spy on them and get horny until she begs for a hard ride somewhere on the property. And that's what Lucy Love does in this boob-swinging fuck session on the lawn of this estate. She goes after what she wants, and what Lucy wants is to get plowed in the afternoon sun. .
LegSex/PornMegaLoad: Fierce Jungle Toes - (Natalia Jay) - Foot Fetish [HD 720p]

Welcome to the jungle where fierce and nasty Natalia Jay hunts her prey when she is on the prowl for sexual satisfaction. She wants nothing more than to taste her feet and run her long, delicate and saliva-moistened fingers between her toes. Watch as she uses her heel to rub her engorged clitoris and wet pussy and make herself shudder with an intense orgasm. This jungle cat cums until she purrs in her hole-ridden hose. Take a trip into the wild and watch this pretty, blue-eyed wonder cum.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Double Vision - (Featuring: Emily Cartwright) - BBW, Fat [HD 720p]

Sharing a bathroom with Emily Cartwright would be a very interesting experience. Emily has a big toy collection and brought one of her faves to this video. She loves those kinky boots and fetish dresses. Emily rubbed baby powder on her body before she squeezed into this dress. This is a girl who has a nun's costume in her closet for those late-night fetish club parties. "A great model, very sweet," the photographer remembered. "She became a different girl when she put on her kinky clothes.
XLGirls/PornMegaLoad: Deep-Cleavaged Belly Dancer - (Miss Isabelle) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

Red-haired Miss Isabelle has many talents and skills. One of those skills is her hip-swiveling, belly-shaking, boob undulating belly dancing. In this video, Miss Isabelle goes beyond belly dancing as she strips off her costume to gyrate her huge tits. Our cameraman hit the ground and shot up, capturing the heavenly sights as she danced above. She really slaps her butt-cheek hard too. It sounds like a whip cracking. When Isabelle is done with her dance of delight, she finds her battery-operated boyfriend and gives herself a massive orgasm, then looks into the camera while she licks the vibrator straight out of her wet pussy. No doubt that it tastes sweet. .
40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad: Dee Williams takes a big, black cock up her ass - (Dee Williams, Rob Piper) - Anal [HD 720p]

This is 40-year-old Dee Williams' first hardcore scene at 40SomethingMag.com, and it's as good as they get. Dee's a hottie with cute, short, blonde hair and big tits. When the scene opens, she's saying goodbye to her husband, who's off to work. And she's ready to work on her pussy and asshole, using her fingers on her super-wet cunt and shoving a butt-plug deep inside her ass. And that's when Rob shows up with his big, black cock. Now, the thing is, you may shoot your load by the time the hardcore action begins, and we don't blame you. Dee's pussy is that wet and her girlgasming is that loud and sexy. But if you haven't shot your load already, you're going to when you see Dee gagging on Rob's tool and making huge saliva strings. Talk about a messy blow job! Then Dee gets her legs all the way back so Rob can eat her pussy. She cums hard, and then he fucks her deep and she deep-throats his cock and sucks her pussy juices off of it, gagging again.
NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: Teach Me! - (Featuring: Daisy Haze) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

Lives: Weston, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: January 11; Ht: 5'9"; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not tried it; BJs: Like to swallow; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week. "My boyfriend--he's 25--has taught me so much about sex since we got together," said Daisy. "Before him, I'd been with a couple of boys who were just as inexperienced at sex as I was, and I didn't get much out of it. But that's really changed and now I can't get enough oral sex or screwing. It seems like every time we fuck, my orgasm gets stronger and lasts longer. That's cool. So I posed for him to say 'thank you' to my teacher.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Stacked To The Max - (Featuring: Victoria Vale) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

"I loved being an auto show model," Victoria Vale said about her early modeling days. "I was able to travel all over the world and meet so many interesting people. I wore beautiful, sexy outfits. The cars were very cool to see and learn about." The huge-breasted blonde makes her SCORELAND debut in this scene. "I get a ton of attention because of the size of my breasts. They are hard to hide. I love the attention I get." We'd say Victoria's boobs are impossible to hide nor should she make any attempt to hide them. She definitely has all eyes checking her out when she leaves her house. "I like to wear bras in the bedroom and when I want my boobs to really pop out in an outfit. If my dress is too skimpy, I have to skip the bra.
50PlusMilfs/PornMegaLoad: Andis a mom, and she's fucking JMac - (Andi James, J Mac) - Big Tits, Big Boobs [HD 720p]

In her first on-camera fuck video, 52-year-old divorcee and mom Andi James takes on JMac's dong, and that's a big one for starters. But Andi's definitely up for it. She's a mature, experienced woman who didn't decide to do porn because she wanted to suck and fuck little wieners. No, she came here for the porn cocks, and we gave one to her. Andi, who lives in Central Florida, has something big for JMac, too: her big tits, which have already caused excitement among 50PlusMILFs.com members. They're DD-cups, and they're very nice. They jiggle a lot when JMac fucks her hard, and he fucks her in all kinds of positions before cumming on her pretty face. Andi usually doesn't wear panties. "And when I do, I wear thongs," she said. She's originally from Boston, Massachusetts.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Brown Eye of the Tigerr - (Angelo Godshack, Tigerr Benson) - Asia [HD 720p]

There are very good reasons why you SCORE Men voted Tigerr Benson Hardcore Performer of the Year. But let's let Tigerr show those reasons in detail. Tigerr is usually a fuck-toy with guys. Submissive and compliant. Here she's the assertive one, like she is in a whip-snapping scene with Max and Tom. The Asian-British beauty once explained her twin nature. "It depends on my mood and the guy," Tigerr said. "I love it when I pull the guy around and make him worship every part of my body. But equally when the guy grabs me by my hair and forces me onto him. Passion is the most important thing." With a wicked smile, Tigerr sweetly shows Angelo a box.
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