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LegSex/PornMegaLoad: Anything To Please Her Customers - (Chloe Chanel) - Foot Fetish [HD 720p]

Got a kink in your back? Master masseuse Chloe has just what you need: a pair of soft, manicured peds kneading all that stress out of you. Her heels will dig into your muscles while her toes tug at your flesh. It might hurt a little, but in a good way. And just as she's a pro at releasing all that tension in your back, Chloe also knows how to relieve the tension boiling in your balls with one of her top-notch foot jobs. By now you've figured out that a session with Chloe is more than just a regular massage, it's a foot-fucking, cock-sucking, pussy-pounding experience. .
XLGirls/PornMegaLoad: Spycey Massage - (Lady Spyce) - BBW, Fat [HD 720p]

Lady Spyce visits her friend and discovers him flat on his back with an aching muscle. Being the big-boobed and good-hearted sexbomb she is, Lady offers to fix him up in no time. All she needs are her hands. Then her mouth. Then her tight, grindy pussy. Presto-chango and her friend is back to vitality and vigor. Lady Spyce likes horny, assertive gentlemen with big cocks she can sit on and suck on. Check out how this hot mama rolls. A tit-fucking specialist, indeed. "I was the hottest girl in school and now I'm the hottest girl in my neighborhood," says Lady, who's a huge fan of the LA Lakers and watches them every chance she can.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Puma Claimed Swedish Girls Are The Hottest - (Puma Swede) - Big Tits, Big Boobs [HD 720p]

Nordic porn goddess Puma Swede insisted that Swedish girls are the sexiest, baddest and hottest women on earth. The Scandinavian superfox also stated for the record that Swedish girls are the best fucks. Some may wish to dispute this assertion of Viking girl-power, especially girls of other nationalities, but let us proceed to Puma's demonstration of her advanced penis-pumping skills. Puma and the stud visited a fuck palace--actually a hot-sheet motel that's decorated like an Egyptian temple. A naked dude with a hard-on, not the mummy or Indiana Jones, enters and Puma begins to do her lip magic on his cock, kneeling and greedily slurping. If other Scandinavians are like Puma in their drooling worship of the meat-hammer, then you might as well book a one-way ticket to the land of the ice and snow right now and never look back. We're yet to find anyone like her in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Princess Of Pumpkins - (Princess Pumpkins) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

Beautiful, young, blonde, 32T-cup boobs, ivory skin, a golden muff..Princess Pumpkins brings back the flavor and flair of the Big '90s combined with 21st century style. Her cover issue (August '17) sold-out very quickly. She mentioned that some of her webcam followers are veteran SCORE readers. That doesn't surprise us. SCORELAND: So you masturbate about six hours a day when you're webcamming. Are you always getting off? Princess: Things fluctuate. You have your good days, you have your bad. SCORELAND: Do guys ever send you toys to play with? Princess: Yes. Big ones! SCORELAND: Do you have an active sex life? Princess: Pretty active. SCORELAND: How often do you have sex? Princess: I didn't know you were supposed to count that! Every other day, maybe? SCORELAND: So despite masturbating five or six hours a day, you're still horny. Princess: I'm a pretty horny girl. SCORELAND: They say girls with big boobs are hornier. Do you think that's true? Princess: That's probably where we keep our pheromones. SCORELAND: Never thought of that.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Oiled & Stacked - (Shara Lopez) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

By an indoor pool, ultra-sexy Shara Lopez models an extreme bikini, does a striptease, plays with her large, natural tits, rubs baby oil into her smooth skin and fingers her pussy. Shara is the embodiment of Latin heat. If she had jumped in the pool, the water would have turned into steam. Since Senorita Lopez only speaks Spanish, translated captions have been added. Shara hears all kinds of comments guys say to her and write in during her webcam chats. The funniest thing she's heard so far is, "Which one has milk and which one has juice?" Shara likes to skate and ride her bike. She likes to watch soccer (futbol). South Americans are huge soccer fans. Shara likes to spend time with friends and family and enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen. She's a traditional kind of girl.
NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: She Sucks! - (Sara Siren) - Amateurs [HD 720p]

Her singing will make you want to cry, but her body will make you want to cum. The guys holding this audition quickly realize that Sara can't carry a tune for the life of her, but her big mouth has plenty of other uses. Instead of opening wide to sing, she opens wide for cock. And it's not just her lips that she spreads, either. After giving head, Sara opens her legs to get her twat split by a big sausage. "I didn't realize this tryout was going to turn into a fuckfest," she said. "But I'm glad to show off what I can do, whether I'm singing or having sex.".
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: How To Pick Up Big-boobed Hotties - (Dulcinea) - BBW, Fat [HD 720p]

Chesty Dulcinea is lost looking for a friend's address. Phone in hand, the busty brunette walks around trying to pinpoint the location. She's a tourist and doesn't know where she's going. Here comes a total stranger to the rescue, except he's in a car, not riding a horse. Tony checks out her shapely body and makes a move. He offers to drive her over to her friend's place. Dulcinea accepts, and once they get there, she invites him in. They spontaneously combust and fuck on the living room couch. Dulcinea said she's gotten hotter since she started on-camera sex. "It's like I'm constantly horny, like I was awakened or something after that first pro-fuck.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Saddle Up With Kristy - (Kristy Klenot) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

The horse is in the barn but the saddle makes a good prop to model with and Kristy Klenot's riding uniform is classic. That tit sweater looks beautiful over her big hooters. After Kristy showed her sexy, curvy bod and pink hole, she talked about why she got into modeling and porn. "I love sex and I love men, and I make a lot more money than working in a job that would give me little satisfaction and a small salary, for a boss that abuses me..like my girlfriends do. I have more interest in sex than the average girl. I am very voluptuous and I think that makes my need for sex greater too. I think that's why I decided to do this." Kristy keeps her private life separate from her adult modeling career. "I don't date any of the men I make porn videos with. I date men that are not in porn. It's better that way." .
XLGirls/PornMegaLoad: Reach For Skye - (Skye Sinn) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

Skye Sinn invites you to her private hideaway, a converted warehouse next to a truck stop. Skye is going to give you plenty of reasons to enjoy her spectacular body and huge tatas. She rubs, swings and shakes her massive tits then licks and pinches the nipples as she looks deeply into the camera, as if she can see everyone who's watching her. Her fingers travel south to penetrate her delicious pussy and rub out a nice cum. Skye turns around and gets on her knees with ass up and facing the camera. She spreads an ass cheek with her left hand and dips two fingers into her sexy, pink honey trap. Her fingers dance and vibrate the way she likes it, giving herself waves of pleasure. Skye turns around and sticks those two fingers into her mouth to lick the sweet and sticky snatch juices that taste like sugar syrup. "I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep," Skye said. "I have around 12 toys, and they all need to get used.".
NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: The Pianists Penis...in Her Pussy - (Hannah Hays) - Handjob [HD 720p]

Hannah has been practicing after school, just not the piano. She's been practicing her blow jobs and sex skills, and now she wants to show her piano instructor what she's learned. Hannah is an irresistible southern Belle with a flat chest and meaty pussy lips. She has long, blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes. She looks almost angelic as she sucks the piano instructor's long, hard cock. Inside Hannah's meaty folds is a tight, pink slit. The instructor slides his rod in and her snug pussy squeezes his shaft. Hannah's never been stretched like this before, but she holds her own. She may not be able to play the piano, but she can ride a cock and take a pounding. You could say the practice has paid off.
40SomethingMag/PornMegaLoad: Welcome back, Betty Boobs! - (Betty Boobs) - Pop [HD 720p]

Rion is walking down the street when his friend's mom, Betty, drives up in her car and offers him a ride home. She's heading that way, anyway. She has to drop off some stuff for Rion's mom. Rion knows that his mom's friend is a sexy woman. What he doesn't know is that in the 1990s, she was busty porn star and feature dancer Betty Boobs. Now she's just his mom's friend..who happens to be wearing a tight, little top that shows off her big tits and a short skirt. So they go inside, and Rion checks out the box of clothes that Betty is giving his mom. He's a little put off. Most guys don't want to imagine their moms wearing sexy little outfits. "I think she'd look great in them," Betty says.
NaughtyMag/PornMegaLoad: 18 & Adventurous - (Aria Skye) - Ebony [HD 720p]

Occupation: Smoothie maker; Age: 18; Born: May 26; Ht: 5'3"; Wt: 103 pounds; Bras: I never wear 'em; Panties: Boy shorts or thongs; Anal: Licking; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Every night. "About a year ago, I was dating this guy. One time, we were chilling and watched a movie at his parents' house. His folks were right next door, but we were both horny, so he tied me up and licked my pussy until I came. Then he entered me and fucked me roughly while covering my mouth with a pillow. I was trying to be quiet, but he was fucking me so good that I screamed when we both came at the same time. His parents totally heard us, but they didn't bust us. "If a guy is willing to eat me out after we fuck, I can go multiple rounds. Most guys find eating pussy after they fuck it disgusting for some reason, but if I suck them first, they usually give in.".
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Dazzling Star - (Erin Star) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

"My sexual fantasy is to have sex on a nice sandy beach where no one is around," Erin Star replied when we asked her what she dreams about. "Some place tropical and sunny, like a quiet island in the Caribbean with empty beaches and no people around for miles. It would be very romantic sex. That is my fantasy but I have others. "I prefer much kissing, touching and foreplay. My favorite position is doggie and I like to have sex three times a week. I like a guy with a big cock. It depends on my mood if I swallow or spit. "I am turned-on by strong guys who know what they want in life and know how to treat a woman properly. I do not care for rudeness of any kind.
50PlusMilfs/PornMegaLoad: Red-hot MILF Claudia gets ass-fucked by the gardener - (Claudia Fox) - Anal [HD 720p]

Claudia Fox, who's 51 years old and one of the hottest, sexiest MILFs we've ever seen, is on the phone with a friend. She checks out the dude who's working in her backyard and tells her friend that she's going to be late. "I'll be right over," Claudia says. "I just have to do one quick thing." Not too quick. Giving a quality blow job and getting ass-fucked in every porno position known to man takes time. Claudia walks over to the dude and touches his ass. He's taken aback but pleasantly surprised. "Do you want to be a really naughty gardener today?" Claudia asks. Damn right he does! Claudia's got a smokin' body and she's wearing fuck-me pumps. There isn't a guy in the world who could turn her down.
XLGirls/PornMegaLoad: Big-boobed, Brunette & Beautiful - (Milly Marks) - Pop [HD 720p]

Once Milly Marks contacted a TSG editor about modeling, things moved quickly. Wrote XL Girls and Voluptuous magazine editor Dave, "Milly is sensational. She's young and beautiful. Her tits have the firmness that only big, young tits can. She's a natural, and we're not just talking about her huge, firm tits although we're talking about those, too." Milly is a natural in every way. If someone had told her she was going to become a very popular nude model and porn star.. "I would've believed it because I'm kinda out there and do my own thing. I've never been a conservative person, but I never thought I would do it. But I wouldn't have been surprised if someone told me I was going to do it. But it was never in my plans.
BootyLiciousMag/PornMegaLoad: Booty Camp Threeway - (Jasmin Villegas, Pinky) - Ebony [HD 720p]

Commander Pinky believes in keeping her privates active and her recruits even more active servicing her cunt and asshole. As we meet Pinky in her quarters, Soldier Steed massages Pinky's BootyLicious butt-cakes with white cream. Her riding crop keeps him on-target and on the job. Pinky is larger than life and so is her sex hyper-drive. Her fuckin' ass rules this military camp. She takes no prisoners. Recruit Jasmine excitedly enters Pinky's fuck outpost with some bullshit about her novio (Spanish for boyfriend). Pinky's not interested in Jasmine's soap operas. She wants Jasmine's butt; specifically, Pinky wants to lick Jasmine's Latin ass-cheeks and her little ass-hole with her saliva-dripping tongue. What a dirty bitch! She and Soldier take turns licking Jasmine's A-hole and once they get started, look out! It's a nasty, filthy three-way drill run by Pinky, one of the nastiest, raunchiest, dirtiest hos in the entire adult video scene! If you've never seen Pinky in fucking, sucking and salad-tossing action and never heard the filth that comes out of her mouth, chances are excellent that you will become Pinky's recruit after this video.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: A Tigerr By The Tail - (Tigerr Benson) - Asia [HD 720p]

One of the hottest pussycats on the planet, globetrotting sexbomb Tigerr Benson spends a lot of time in England, a lot of time in Japan and the rest of the time traveling the European continent. We can't say Tigerr won't hold still because she's the tops at both hardcore and solo and she does have to hold still for the cameramen. Here, 2016 SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year Tigerr gets it on with Ricky, a guy who went crazy-wild as soon as he saw her on the set and couldn't wait to clamp onto her nipples, lips and pussy curtains. We call it The Tigerr Effect. As Tigerr has said, "I just like sex and sex with a new guy or guys is always exciting. My Chinese sign is The Pig so I think I was born hungry for everything! Sex on-camera is without strings, just like escort work so that's cool." SCORELAND: So what's it like for you going through airports? They get handsy? Tigerr: I'm quite well-traveled now but even so, I always get searched when I go through the security area. I'm sure it is deliberate, and one time in Germany I had a woman officer really search me. She pretty much rubbed her hands across my pussy area under and over on my boobs. It was a strange experience. SCORELAND: You've said that guys always want to fuck your tits. You've also said that some guys only want to fuck your boobs.
XLGirls/PornMegaLoad: Date Night For Jordynn - (Jordynn LuXXX) - BBW, Fat [HD 720p]

It's dinner date night for Jordynn LuXXX, and Jordynn is the appetizer, main course and dessert. Jordynn's big, pierced tits are the serving plate for the food. Tit-bits are a great way to build up a man's appetite. After the food has been sampled, Jordynn and her date are too horny to keep eating. They'd rather fuck each other's brains out. After Jordynn gets a big sausage to suck and drool on and tit-fuck, the taste of dick makes her want it in her wet pussy. Jordynn assumes the position, ass up, face down, for her first fuck. He plunges deep, gripping her butt cheeks and filling her pink hole. Then it's Jordynn's turn to ride on-top and ride she does. Their date explores the big bang theory when Jordynn gets on the floor for the pile-driver position and wraps up with a creamy dessert squirted all over her fat boobs.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: An Ultra-Curvy Redhead Named Alexsis - (Alexsis Faye) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

More curves than a road in the Swiss Alps. More sex appeal than ten women combined. Boobs that are ripe, rich, rosy and ravishing. We'd courted Alexsis Faye for a year, knowing she was made for SCORELAND. Alexsis chucked her travel agency job for the webcam. No need to get dressed for this occupation, although Alexsis likes to wear costumes from policewoman to Supergirl. Supergirl she is, without the costume. Alexsis has plans to enjoy the day in her bikini, heels and sunglasses, but before she steps out she first wants to shower and squeeze in some play time while we watch her soap and fondle her big, natural, heavy tits and voluptuous vag. Alexsis cums hard, her breasts shaking as she rubs hard and fast. She said she cums best from having her pussy licked.
Tnatryouts/PornMegaLoad: Is She Qualified? - (Ryan Heart) - Amateurs [HD 720p]

"I know I have what it takes to be a porn star. I'm cute, young, very sexual and I love to fuck! That's all you need, right? Sometimes when I'm fooling around with a guy, I like to pretend like I'm doing it in front of a camera. I really put my all into it, and knowing that one day guys all over the world will see what it's like to fuck me really turns me on. I'm an exhibitionist and I love to be watched. I know I'll be great as a porn star, just wait and see!".
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: Young, Busty Daria - (Daria) - Solo, Softcore [HD 720p]

Male heads and some female heads swivel when they see Daria out and about on her bike or at an outdoor concert. She has a powerful girl-next-door sex appeal. She's fresh, exciting and sweet. Even when she's wearing a glamour outfit and made-up, the young, doe-eyed hottie comes through. Daria's gotten more and more into being bare and playing with her super-naturals, more eager to enjoy her tits and her curvy body on-camera. "I like being a SCORELAND model. It makes me feel sexy and beautiful and that gives me confidence," Daria said. "Sometimes I will wear tight shirts without a bra..like when I am with my friends going out or having house parties. I like to be casual. Of course, I also like to wear nice dresses and lingerie when I am modeling.
Scoreland/PornMegaLoad: How Busty Blondes Get More Cum - (Ingrid Swenson) - Big Tits, Big Boobs [HD 720p]

Big-titted SCORE Man's wife Ingrid Swenson wears quick-release clothing, the kind escape artists wear, to avoid fumbling with pesky buttons and zippers. Ingrid's totally naked in a flash, disposing of her miniskirt with a quick flick of a leg, and lying back to be depantsed and fingered. The South Beach blonde bra-buster kneels before him to slurp the meat, stiffening him so she can get fucked on top, on her back and sideways. As Ingrid urges him to bust his nut on her tits, her words and her tight, squeezing pussy have the desired effect and she gets a combination facial and breast glazing.
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