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MyFreeCams Model: POV Sex in Bed w/ Realistic Toy - (MissAlice 94) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

Video Info 492 MB / 00:08:27 / 1920 x 1080 / MP4
ManyVids: NFL POV thick facial - (JennyJinx) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

This is by far the best facial Ive done up to date. He is watching football and I come back horny from gym. I let him keep watching but I give him the best blowjob of his life. I deep throat, I like it like its ice-cream including his balls and then he gives me a huge thick facial. This is the best quality that it feels like Im giving you a bj. PS I forgot to mention there is a decent amount of titty fucking. Key words: dallas cowboys jersey, blue eyes, sports bra, gym, training, tv, biggest facial, lots of cum, sperm, blonde, hot blonde, ponytail, nike, makeup, make up, sunday night football, monday night football.
ManyVids: Pov Shower Biggest Facial Ever Recorded - (JennyJinx) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

I am not exaggerating this is biggest load you will ever see. Anywhere. My friend was saving his cum for a few weeks for this vid. I am not wearing any makeup so if you are into the natural look this one is for you. Great pov camera action where you can imagine me deepthroating your cock.
ManyVids: POV Vampire cum swallow - (JennyJinx) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

This is the hottest Halloween/costume vid you will ever watch. Im dressed in a sexy vampire outfit and give you POV best blowjob of your life. If that wasnt enough to make you cum harder I let you fuck me doggy before swallowing your huge thick load!!! I lick you and suck you dry till the last drop of sperm in you. Keep in mind the quality of the preview is lower than the actual movie since manyvids limits the size of previews. Halloween, costume, cosplay, dracula, blonde, jennyjinx, jenny jinx, blue eyes, best blowjob, blow job, oral sex, doggy.
ManyVids: Obtaining obedience - (PumpkinSpice, Stormyy) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

This video is a little twisted it begins with a plot, me explaining how sometimes fear holds us back from what we truly want and turns into a scene of me being held captive by a man and told what to do, taking off my clothes, gag ball, and spanking and edging myself then finally being able to cum. this video has sub titles to represent a man talking to me while being shot POV of the man.
ManyVids: POV Kitchen Fuck - (JennyJinx) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

Last time I was cooking I got fucked nicely and I decided to cook again. This time I am wearing Calvin Klein bra and panties I give a nice long bj with a big of gagging and deep throat. Then I get fucked on the counter. After that I get fucked doggy on the kitchen table and I get a nice pussy creampie after I have an orgasm myself. This is the best vid Ive done. Its the best vid Ive done till date kitchen, cooking, housewife, meal.
ManyVids: Rolling in the hay - Barnyard Blowjob - (MagicalCherry) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

It’s a hot day on the farm and I’m overworked and bored. Suddenly I spy this really cute farmhand and things escalate. I begin with a short striptease, then take his rock hard cock into my eager mouth. You get POV BJ from top, side and front angles. It turns into a full-on fucking session and I can’t contain my enthusiasm. Too bad my yelps attract the farm owner and we have to make a quick exit. I’m sowwie – we’ll get a giant oozing cumshot next time, I promise No more B/G content for awhile so enjoy.
ManyVids: First Person Shooter - (ConnerJay) - WebCam [HD 720p]

First half of the video I ride reverse cowgirl complete with finger in the butt action until I cum. Second half POV sucking, face fucking, jerking off and shooting cum in my mouth ending.
ManyVids: Submissive Teen POV - HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT Pt3 Newbie struggles - (Hannah Hays) - WebCam [HD 720p]

READ B4 PURCHASE: This is part 3 (of 3) of the teen POV movie HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT starring real life 18 year old high school student Hannah Hays, Part 3 opens with about a minute of set up/introduction from part 1, and then goes right into this cute young newbie sucking off old Mr. Jon. At around four minutes in, Hannah mounts the dirty old man so he can fuck her sweet young pussy. If youve seen part 2, you know how difficult it is for Hannah to deep throat, and Mr. Jon loves when his teenage girls struggle with deep throating. Watch as Hannah continues to practice with watery eyes. The movie ends with Mr.Jon shooting his load into her mouth. She cant swallow yet, and drools the load back on to his old cock. Lots of eye contact as this nervous student tries to learn from her old teacher.
ManyVids: Submissive Teen POV - HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT Pt2 Hannah Hays 18yo - (Hannah Hays) - Humiliation [HD 720p]

READ B4 PURCHASE: This is part 2 (of 3) of the POV movie HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT starring real life 18 year old high school student Hannah Hays. This sweet young southern belle works with the dirtiest of old men, Mr. Jon. Part 2 opens with about 2 minutes of intro from part 1 to set things up. It then goes into a blowjob/storytelling session where Hannah describes the first time she ever sucked a dick (and demonstrates it as well). When I ask if she deep throated him, she replies that she didnt because she has gag reflexes. Mr. Jon decides to give her a lesson in deep throating. (This part was very real, she genuinely has difficulty with deep throating and I had to be very slow and patient with her. She needed to concentrate on keeping her eyes locked in the camera while taking it in slowly. Hannah says things like, I never went too far, I usually stop when I gag. Does my teenage throat feel nice and warm? The first thing you have to do, is kiss and lick the head gently. Slowly lick up and down the sides of the shaft. Does my little tongue ring feel good on your old cock? Then you slowly stroke it at the same time. You keep a nice slow steady rhythm. Very slowly you take the cock into your mouth. Not very far at first. You have to work it down your throat very slowly. You have to get used to it. You have to watch your teeth. As you get used to it, you go down a little bit further. Im gonna start at the top, Im gonna go down slowly as far as I can. When I reach my limit Im gonna stop and hold it as long as I can. When your eyes start to water it means youre doing it right. Im gonna try it one more time, sir. This is really difficult for me, sir. Im trying the best I can for you, sir. Enjoy, fellow perverts! @joejonxxx
ManyVids: Submissive Teen POV - HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT Pt1 Hannah Hays 18yo - (Hannah Hays) - WebCam [HD 720p]

READ B4 PURCHASE: This is part 1(of 3) for the POV movie HIGH SCHOOL TRY OUT starring REAL LIFE 18 year old High school student Hannah Hays. She meets Mr.Jon who graduated high school way back in 1974. (As of September 2017, sweet little Hannah is still finishing the 12th grade!) This part opens with about 17 minutes of interview, montage, and opening foreplay setup that leads to innocent Hannah stroking and licking a dirty old mans cock. It ends with her finally taking Mr. Jon into her warm teenage mouth.
ManyVids: Cumslut Gives Sloppy Blowjob - (Mypokemonteam) - WebCam [FullHD 1080p]

Sloppy blowjob with my fwb, we both had a ton of fun with this.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 317 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

I was hunting for summer boys today. I went to a local outside pool, sat down, and started drinking. I immediately noticed three cute guys drinking and chatting nearby. I sat to their table, almost expecting to get punched for bothering them. I was surprised how nice and talkative they were. Especially the cutie who was in financial trouble. That caught my attention right away. His friends weren’t that happy about me trying to bribe him into some crazy stuff so one by one they left. I was with him alone, all I had to do was to take him somewhere less crowded. I brought a lot of money with me today. I knew I could get anything I wanted from him. His empty wallet was a pressing issue for him. We went into a nearby forest where a big surprise waited for us both.
CzechHunter: zech Hunter 318 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

I wanted to experiment a little today. I went to a large park full of people and looked for boys. This time I avoided groups and searched for lone guys. I met a student of veterinary medicine named Lukas. I talked him into showing me his cute body. But I had much bigger task for him. I wanted a threesome and Lukas was supposed to find and convince another guy to participate. It wasn’t easy but finally we ran into a former lifter who had a very nice body and was willing to consider our offer. I was very horny and not willing to wander around looking for the “perfect” spot. I took them both behind the bushes right next to a path full of people. The boys were very inexperienced and shy, which made the action very sexy. Then I drilled both their holes.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 319 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

This was probably the greediest guy I have ever encountered. I met him right in front of his school, where he was waiting for his female friend. He was a student of design. He wanted to be a famous designer with a huge salary. He had it all planned. Ambitious and good looking, a very dangerous combination. And expensive! Just to make him to show me his abs put a huge hole into my budget. Fortunately, I brought more money than usual. The boy saw right through me, he knew what I was after. He played hard to get but he just wanted my money. And one step at the time, he got all I had. I didn’t care, I just wanted to have fun with this gorgeous boy. This time I wasn’t going to rush things up. We took time to get to know each other. I played with his beautiful cock and then I gently fucked his tight asshole.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 320 - (Amateur) - Gay [SD 360p]

I looked around a skate park today. The boys I saw there were just superb. But I had to be very careful to approach them. One boy was so bad at skating that I had to laugh out loud. He came there with a girl. I thought she was his girlfriend but she turned out to be his sister. Kinda boring. Still, she helped me a lot to talk him into some crazy stuff. For money of course. At first he showed me a few tricks. I wasn’t sure if I should push things further while his sister was still around. To my surprise, she enjoyed convincing her little brother to show me more and more of his body. I guess they liked to tease each other. Her brother was no better. When he agreed to do more intimate stuff, he insisted on doing it in his sister’s room. I hope she didn’t smell my cum in there.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 323 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

While checking out the Prague main railway station, I came across a young boy in a hurry. He was really quick, I had a hard time to keep up with him. He was pissed off and didn’t want to talk at all. He was late for work. His attitude changed completely when I offered him money just for a talk. Suddenly he had all day to talk to me. And he wanted more. My cash convinced him to tell me a few secrets and do some crazy stuff right in the public. But our boy was hard to satisfy because his financial situation was quite dire. He needed a nice cash reserve to get back on his feet. Of course, I offered him my help. I wanted much more than talking. He had to put his mouth in good use in a completely different way. And that was just a beginning of a beautiful afternoon.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 325 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

Robert was on his way home from a crappy part-time job at a fast food restaurant. He was definitely tired and not exactly happy about me trying to have a friendly chat. He was also a student so his life was a financial mess at the moment. He and his girlfriend returned from holiday in Italy some time ago and he still looked depressed about being back in Prague. I wanted to cheer him up a little. And what else could cheer him up better than money? Apparently, my cock can also be very uplifting, especially when it’s combined with a load of money. Robert was money hungry little whore and he really enjoyed our time together. The little bastard had a rock solid boner from the start. He almost made me cum just by sucking me. I couldn’t let him go that easily.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 327 - (Amateur) - Gay [SD 360p]

I was looking around a railway station once again and bumped into Jakub. He came to Prague to visit his girlfriend. He was unsuccessfully waiting for a taxi when I met him so I decided to help. I called him one and rode with him in hope for a good shag. He was definitely poor, he couldn’t afford the whole fare, which made me really hopeful. But in the end he just showed me his cute shaved cock and left to bang his girlfriend. All I had was the taxi driver. He was young and quite hot so I decided to try him. And it worked! He was just a student making extra money by driving a taxi. We went to his small and ugly flat where he insisted on taking a shower before we started. I couldn’t wait that long! So I barged in the bathroom and fucked the poor boy right in the bathtub.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 328 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

It took a while to find the right guy today. Choosing a Friday evening wasn’t a good idea at all, every place was so crowded and everyone so busy. I was almost going to give up and move somewhere else when I met a group of friends. A girl and her two friends were definitely worth a try. The younger boy had just turned 19 and the plan was to go drinking and celebrating. They were nice enough to let me go with them. I wanted to return the favor so I offered them cash for some nice nudity right next to a bus station. And those crazy bastards agreed. I loved their big cocks, I’m sure the girl appreciated them as well. Then the situation got a bit complicated because I wanted a threesome but had to get rid off the girl. I wanted a proper birthday party.
CzechHunter: Czech Hunter 329 - (Amateurs) - Gay [SD 360p]

Today I walked around a local gym at the right time. A very cute dude almost bumped into me as he rushed out of the exit. He probably couldn’t wait to drink his delicious protein shake. We started chatting. This boy was probably the most cheerful guy I met in a log time. I managed to get some basic info out of him, including a bit nasty things regarding his girlfriend and their sex life. The boy was unemployed, trying to get by. When we were walking through an empty park, I decided to strike. I wanted to see his cock. He hesitated but only because it was cold, in fact he didn’t mind public nudity that much. Not even when jerking me off right in the park. I promised him extra money for a little visit of his apartment. I hope the boy would have a nice warm bed.
POV/CumLouder: Clean towels, filthy money - (Aysha) - Maid [FullHD 1080p]

Description: An unpleasant surprise awaits Nick Moreno at the hotel: all the towels are dirty because they havent been changed. The chambermaid that shows up to give him some clean towels is the sexy Aysha, who lets Nick convince her to enter a sexual game of sorts in exchange for some money. With his huge cock, he manages to reveal the sex beast that this hot brunette hides under her uniform.
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