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Ill never wear latex again but heres your chance to see me in a full body latex outfit~ (it was a custom so there might dialogue that will be like halfway through44444???) I start out with a naked tease, moving on to showing off my body in the latex, lots of ass view I suck off my toy, fuck myself, fuck my ass and this video ends with a few big squirts towards the camera.
MyDirtyHobby/MDH: Extrem geile Hardcore Abrichtung zur Latex-Sexhure - Extremely perverse Hardcore training for latex sex whore! - (Daynia) - Latex [FullHD 1080p]

Extremely deepthroat until the tears flow, extreme Fotzenzerfickung, anal blowing up to the stop, Megahardcore piss loads into Schluckhurenmaul and a cum load into Fickmaul. With high heels, ball gag, leash and my extremely hot red latex catsuit including gloves and socks, I expected him. Because I finally wanted to be used again as latex fucking meat. And this time I was really hard and extreme ran and zerfickt, the juices flowed into the end and not only me was completely pissed, but also my latex suit and the bed! Are you even pointing me off as submissive fuck swallow? #Latex #Devot #Anal #Natursekt # cumshot
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PureTaboo: Dont Talk to Strangers - (Gina Valentina, Casey Calvert) - Threesome [HD 720p]

The scene opens on Amy, a bright and happy 18-year-old high school student, as she heads home from school one afternoon. The camera lingers on her while she walks - wearing her school uniform, listening to ear-buds, and carrying a book bag innocently over her shoulder. When she passes a homeless man, she pauses and reaches into her bag, handing him her lunch leftovers. The man thanks her and she tellshim to keep his chin up before putting her buds back in and walking on. You can tell the girl is a very good Samaritan.

As Amy continues, she spots a car pulled up along the side of the road. A woman is leaning up against it. When she sees the girl approach, she pulls out her phone and starts to mutter to herself ... frustrated. Amy stops and regards the woman, who is immaculately dressed and very beautiful. 'Are you ok?' she asks. The woman stops and, sighing, tells the girl that she's lost and can't get her GPS to work. She and her husband are late for an engagement and desperately need directions. Amy peers into the car and spots the woman's husband in the front seat. He is dressed in a suit and politely waves at her. She looks back at the woman and asks where they are going, maybe she can help point them in the right direction. The woman tells her that they are attending a function at the convention center -- but she lost the invite with the address and their signal dropped. Because they are out of towners, they simply don't know where to go. Amy begins to give them directions but as she explains where to go, the woman sighs again and mutters that her mind is like a sieve. She's not possibly going to remember. Amy stops and tries to think of another way to explain, as the woman subtly glances back at her husband. 'What if you were to get in the car and take us there?' The woman asks. 'My husband and I would be happy to pay you for your troubles and it would really help us out.' Amy, knowing that she isn't supposed to do this, glances in at the husband again. He looks perfectly normal. 'I would probably need to ask my parents.' She slowly says. She looks back up at the woman, who calmly asks how old she is. When Amy replies that she is eighteen, the woman smiles and laughs. 'If you're eighteen then why would you need to ask your parents? You're a grown up!' Amy laughs along meekly. The woman asks her name and Amy tells her. 'Well Amy,' the woman reiterates. 'It would really help us out if you would just get in the car.' Amy takes a long pause before agreeing. The woman opens the back seat and Amy climbs in. Then, surveying the area and kicking dirt over the footprints, the woman walks back to the passenger side and gets inside. The car screeches off.

Two Days Later.
The camera comes into focus as Amy slowly lifts her head from her lap. She is curled up in a ball in an empty room. Her bag is gone, her ear-buds are gone, and her school girl uniform is dusty and dirty. Her hair is tousled and her face is streaked with sweat. She has a terrible headache. A bucket sits close by, alongside a toothbrush in a glass of water, and some remnants of food. She wipes her eyes and starts to pick at the food when a door opens. It's the couple. No longer in formal wear, they step towards her in casual clothes and latex gloves. 'You've eaten all your food this time,' says the husband. 'What a good little pet.' The teen looks up at him in cold silence. She asks when she can have her call with her parents, the one they promised. The woman smiles. 'I told you already Amy, you can have your phone call when you make me cum.' The couple laugh as Amy slumps back down.

Four Days Later.
Amy runs around the empty room, banging on the walls. She unbuttons the last of her blouse and tosses it in the corner. The room is very hot. Sitting down defeated, she calls out to the couple that she is ready for them now. She'll do whatever they want. She just needs some air. She waits desperately for a reply but it never comes and she collapses into a heap on the floor.
JoannaJet: Nylons and Latex - (Joanna Jet) - Latex [HD 720p]

Burningangel: Holly Beth Latex Sex - (Holly Beth) - Latex [HD 720p]

Japan Scat: [WCM-40] Hen Flower Kudo Play – 3 Golden Fetish and Scatology Of Babes - (Chou Minikui, Buta Benki, Kudou Hana) [DVDRip]
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