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FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Wild blonde treats him Rough (Lindsey Cruz) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

I was driving along when I saw Lindsey Cruz again. Parker wasnt with her, which was interesting. Apparently, she couldnt stop thinking about sucking my cock and wanted more. She was very eager to get her pussy eaten, and bossed me around. I loved it! She took a piss on my face, then I made her squirt. I face fucked her to return the favor, then fucked her all over the cab and made her squirt again. After fucking her doggystyle, I came in her with the creampie.
FakehubOriginals/FakeHub: Space Taxi: Princess Of Mars (Alyssa Divine) - Ebony [HD 720p]

Dex Bannon (Ryan Ryder), intergalactic space taxi driver, receives a call from his boss Drake about a last minute delivery. At the end of his work day, Dex is less than thrilled to have to make another stop, especially when it turns out his "cargo" is the Princess of Mars (Alyssa Divine)! Reports come across the news that the Princess has been kidnapped, but Dex quickly finds out she ran away in order to experience sexual delights. Asking the taxi driver to show her a good time, Dex sucks her royal tits and eats her regal ass, then fucks her throat. Fucking all over the taxi, Dex cums all over the Princess!
FemaleFakeTaxi/FakeHub: Busty blonde takes cock to pay fare (Nathaly Cherie) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

In a scene straight from an action movie, Pablo Ferrari jumped into my cab with no pants on, and desperately implored me to drive. Long story short, he told me, he had met a girl at a bar and gone back to her place. He was balls deep inside her pussy when her husband came home, so he had to bail. It was then I asked him how he would pay my fare if he didnt have his wallet. He offered to clean, but I had a better idea. I got into the backseat and started wanking his cock while he sucked my tits. Pablo ate my ass from behind, then I rode his cock until he came all over me!
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Horny couple hire the taxi for sex (Lindsey Cruz) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

A lovely couple named Parker Marx and Lindsey Cruz got into the cab today, and the heat was making them both very horny! Parker inquired as to whether he could rent the cab for half an hour. I told him I needed to make money, so he offered to have Lindsey suck my cock! The blowjob she gave me was well worth it. Parker and Lindsey then fucked in the backseat. He made her pussy squirt and then came all over her face and tits!
PublicAgent/FakeHub: Woodland fuck with Hungarian hottie (Lyen Parker) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

I saw Lyen Parker walking. She only spoke a little english because she was from Hungary. Though she was on her way to see friends, I convinced her to stay with me by offering her 200 euro to show me her boobs. 200 more and she showed me her amazing ass. After she agreed, I then offered her 400 euro to suck my dick. She was shy, but when she felt my hard cock, she dropped to her knees. I fucked Lyen doggystyle against a tree, then came on her ass!
FakeDrivingSchool/FakeHub: Sloppy titwank and backseat blowjob (Rebecca Jane Smyth) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

Rebecca Jane Smyth was almost ready for her driving test, but during her final lesson, we just couldnt get on the same page. She didnt bring her highway safety manual, she wasnt checking for hazards, and I have to admit it was frustrating. She even called her boyfriend mid-lesson, and he called me a dick! Ive never met the lad before in my life! Back at the testing center, Rebecca told me her problem was that she needed to relax. Since Im her instructor, she asked me to help, then took out my cock and gave me a blowjob! I played with her big tits while she sucked my dick, then fucked her in the front seat and back seat. After a horny titwank, Rebecca took my cum right on her tongue!
FemaleAgent/FakeHub: Love it doggystyle (Kizzy Sixx) - Casting [HD 720p]

I got the camera rolling, had my angel with me to translate, and had the pretty Kizzy Sixx on my couch. Kizzy was interested in being an adult model, and with her innocent looks and braces, I thought she could be a big hit. I helped her strip so we could shoot some photos of her small boobs and round ass, then she gave me a blowjob. I fucked her doggystyle and cowgirl, then she wanked me off for a facial that covered her braces!
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Wild anal sex on backseat pays fare (Barbie Sins) - Public Sex [HD 720p]

I saw Barbie Sins out and about wearing a slutty pink dress that made it look like she was on her way to go partying in Ibiza. I could practically see her big tits from down the road! Barbie needed a lift four and a half hours away, and asked me if I would be her driver. Ive wanted to fuck her arse for some time now, and that would be my reward. You kidding? I said yes right away!
PublicAgent/FakeHub: Sexy blondes public car bonnet fuck (Angella Luxxx) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Wild blonde treats him Rough (Lindsey Cruz) - Public Sex [SD 480p]

FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Wild blonde treats him Rough (Lindsey Cruz) - Rimming [FullHD 1080p]

FakeDrivingSchool/FakeHub: Japanese Rae Lil Black hot for cock (Rae Lil Black) - Asia [SD 480p]

FakeHub: Sexy Hot Taxi Fuck On A Snowy Day (Kitty Misfit) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

I picked Kitty Misfit up on the side of the road, and the poor woman looked to be freezing! Snow had fallen recently, and the car heater was broken, so it wasnt much warmer in the cab. Kitty asked me to take her to the post office, and off we went. We got to discussing the cold, and I do have a thing for gingers, so I told her I could come warm her big tits up with my hands if she liked. Kitty enjoyed that I made such a straightforward proposition, so she flashed me before I jumped in the backseat and got my hands...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Taxi Threesome With Great Rimming (Alexxa Vice, Sexy Cleo) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

It was a bloody cold in London, the day I turned a corner to see Sexy Cleo flagging down the cab. She was freezing, the poor darling, and unfortunately for her, the Fake Taxis heater was still broken. You know how women are when theyre cold, theyll do anything for a warm touch, so she invited me between her thighs. Within minutes I had my tongue between her ass cheeks, and was getting her pussy nice and wet. As I ate her out the door opened, and Alexxa Vice decided to join in on the fun! They got their tits out...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Busty Passenger Gives Good Tit Wank (Madison Stuart) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

This adorable blonde named Madison Stuart got into the cab today asking for a ride to the doctors. I asked her what was wrong, and Madison confessed she had some pain in her knee. Jokingly, I suggested it was because she spent too much time on her knees. She giggled and called me a dirty old man, and since I had embarrassed myself already, I figured Id press my luck and tell her how much Id love to tit-fuck her massive boobs. She wanted 500 quid for a cock between her tits, but we made a deal: shed ride my beard...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Hot Blonde Loves To Give Rimjobs (Amber Deen) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

A hot blonde flagged the Fake Taxi down today, a busty babe by the name of Amber Deen. Amber was headed to the airport on her way to a trip to Portugal with her girlfriends. Her flight wasnt for another five hours, but her and the gals were headed to the gate early to goof off. I told her I felt sorry for the men in Portugal, having to deal with that lot of troublemakers! Thats when Amber shocked me: she told me she was bringing her own dick and toys, and pulled out a buttplug. She was horny, so I jumped in the backseat...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Bubble Butt Latina Bouncy Fuck (Canela Skin) - Ebony [FullHD 1080p]

A gorgeous woman named Canela Skin got into the taxi today. Canela had just landed in Prague the day before, so she didnt really know where to go. I told her Id take her to the center of town, and while I was driving, we got to chatting. Canela was clearly Latina, so I asked her where she was from. She answered Colombia, which told me one thing about her: she had a great ass! I asked her to show me her Colombian booty and she was agreed, but only if I showed her my cock! I pulled the car over and got in the backseat...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Busty Naughty Nurse Dirty Taxi Ride (Barbie Sins) - Nurse [FullHD 1080p]

I was having a very lucrative day in the Fake Taxi when I turned the corner and saw Barbie Sins flagging down the cab. I recognized that sexy little fucker right away. Barbie was on her way to see someone who liked her to dress up as a nurse, complete with big white knickers! It didnt take much charm to convince her to stick with me instead, and as I found us a location, she unbuttoned her shirt and showed me her new tits! When we pulled over I ate her out, then she gave me a blowjob, and even stuck her tongue in my...
FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Great Tits And A Sexy MILF Arse (Holly Kiss) - Rimming [FullHD 1080p]

I didnt recognize her at first, but cheeky minx Holly Kiss got into my cab today dressed smartly in a black blazer. Last time we fucked she had recorded the whole thing for her husband to wank to. Holly told me her husband had loved it, but needed some new material. I really needed to make some money, but when she pulled out her big tits and started waving her arse around, I got so horny that I pulled the taxi over. Holly gave me a horny blowjob and remembered how much I loved rimjobs, sticking her tongue where the...
FakeAgent/FakeHub: Love it doggystyle (Kizzy Sixx) - Casting [FullHD 1080p]

FakeHubOriginals/FakeHub: The Cuckold Couple (Sahara Knite) - Rimming [FullHD 1080p]

FakeTaxi/FakeHub: Driver Loves Hot Tight Dutch Pussy (Nayomi Sharp) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

I picked up a pretty girl named Nayomi Sharp, a Dutch tourist visiting England for the first time. Since it was her first time in England, I told her about the tradition we have here. You know, the one where when a woman gets in a cab, the taxi driver has to offer her a free ride if she flashes her tits? Naomi was very liberal and not shy, so she got the girls out and took off her shorts too. As I watched her play with her pussy, I heard her tell me if I didnt want messy seats I had better get into the backseat so...
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