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Tricked into a Sissy (British Bratz) - Femdom [HD 720p]

You were lucky enough to bag a date with the gorgeous Vicky this evening and what an enjoyable evening it was. As you drive her back to drop her off, she invites you in for coffee. Not believing your luck you politely accept the offer and are welcomed into her home. Thinking you may be getting lucky tonight as she flirts with you, all horny thoughts rush to that head.Totally in awe of her beauty, you gaze into her eyes and her words just seep into your mind without you even noticing. As Vicky teases you with her hot body you are in a deep trance and feel weak for her. You would do anything to impress her, to get lucky with her so just nod your head and accept whatever she demands. Surely it cant be that bad?Giggling, Vicky ask you to dress up in some girly lingerie. You do so, thinking it will turn her on. Before you know it, you have got yourself all dressed up, feeling weird and not knowing but you have got yourself into a bit of a awkward situation. Vicky explains that you are dressed up so you can suck cock tonight. She has used her beauty and cunning manipulative ways to completely break you down this evening and you nod and agree, freaking out with what is ahead of you.MP4 * 81.7 MB * 00:05:29 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Fuck Your Holes For Me (Idelsy Love) - Femdom [FullHD 1080p]

Serve me and be my little fuck slut. I love humiliating you by making you fuck your slutty holes for me. You’ll need clothespins and a nice big dildo to carry out my instructions. Show me how much you like being a piggy slut to amuse your goddess.MP4 * 497 MB * 00:12:08 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
CastingCouch-X: Casting Couch X (Chloe Temple) - Casting [FullHD 1080p]

Cum Eating Instructional (Natalia Mackenzie) - Femdom [FullHD 1080p]

Watch me teach Evan how to eat his own cum! (Roleplay) I tease with cumming on several different parts of my body only to say no, you will cum on your own face! I lay on my bed, put my knees to my ears laugh while showing you how I want you to eat your cum for me.MP4 * 293 MB * 00:10:03 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
This Makes It Permanent (Amazon Goddess Harley) - Femdom [HD 720p]

This video is from the point of view of a slave that has dis-obeyed me and begged to fly to Los Angeles to repent and become a permanent slave.I need to tell you what I am going to do to, now that I have you tied up. I am going to help you get what you have always wanted. You have always chickened out or dis-obeyed and suffered the disappointment of going back to your normal life. But now you will be submissive forever.Find out what I will do to you inside this video to make you a slave forever!MP4 * 413 MB * 00:09:11 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
BangBus.com/BangBros.com: Regretted Ditching Hot Tits - Ass/bb16688 (Pammy Bee) - Public Sex [FullHD 1080p]

Great treat for you guys today! Today we got a banger, we found this chick is super great tits (Yeah, we got her naked) We stopped her as she walked to the grocery store for a quick chat and my joker personally worked our perfect or cash did. We got her inside the van after persuading her. We were in awe as she took her shirt and bra off. She super hot, tan line, natural perky and great size. We had to offer more money to get her ugly naked with the option to fuck. We came to an agreement at $1600 to see her suck and fuck. paying her did not disappoint, seeing her big tits and ass bounce was great, almost felt bad for not giving her the money bad. She was a great and took Derricks load on her face. Alright, I have to admit it… I do regret of not leaving Derrick or the driver instead of her but, BangBus rules BangBus rules.
At Ceara Lynch and Mandy’s feet (Mandy Flores) - Femdom [HD 720p]

Lucky foot boy, how is the view down there? Just as amazing as the smell I imagine. You crave the ripe smell of our socked feet. Already drooling over the taste of our foot sweat. So obsessed with our feet that you would probably eat anything off of them, even the lint and hair that gets trapped in the fibers of our socks.. Foot boy snacks! Fun for us is knowing that you are dying to see our feet, are imagining what our fresh new pedicures look like? Beg foot boy! You know if we allow you to see our naked feet we are going to demand a tongue bath right? You are going to love the sensual domination Ceara and I are serving, you cant help but jack off to us. Go ahead foot boy, jerk your dick. Will you be able to hold it while we slowly peel back our sexy thigh high socks?? First I want you to get to work on Cearas feet. Thats it, do a good job and get in between each toe. We want our feet clean and pampered foot boy. Bet you are dying to cum by now. Too much fun teasing foot boys. Bet you would love to put your dick right here, in between our sexy feet. Jerk off on our feet. Yeah? Go ahead and imagine the ultimate release, this will be only chance you will ever get! Im sure its all just too much and you will have blown your load before this clip was even half over.MP4 * 565 MB * 00:09:38 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Sucker (Goddess Eliza) - Femdom [HD 720p]

Sucker (Goddess Eliza) - Femdom [HD 720p]

Its no secret that I enjoy manipulating weak male minds. Im unapologetically sadistic and My evil side is in FULL SWING. Ive studied your patterns. Youre EASY and PREDICTABLE – perfect to toy with. A SUCKER who effortlessly gets caught in My traps. Dont think Im truly capable of blurring the lines between fantasy and REAL mental domination? Dont think I can truly affect your reality? This is just a clip after all, right? Come, let Me show you whos REALLY in control…MP4 * 137 MB * 00:09:17 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Bang.com: Ella Nova Is An Anal Slave That Gets All Her Holes Stretched With A Dildo A (Ella Nova) - Anal [FullHD 1080p]

Submit To My Breasts (Idelsy Love) - Femdom [HD 720p]

I have perfect 32D breasts that make a bitchboy like you weak to My power. I tease you with them and tell you all about the naughty things I let my hot girlfriends do to them, and you’ll never get to do. I even take the bra off after you beg for a glimpse. Each second has you falling deeper under my spell.MP4 * 207 MB * 00:09:13 * 1266x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
You Cant Help It (Goddess Lanie) - Ebony [HD 720p]

Youre in such a trance whenever you see me. Im such a Goddess and I love using you to get whatever I want. This beautiful face, this body, this ASS! Ah just my ass alone could have you on your knees begging me to give you attention. You give ME what I want and I might sit on your face and let you taste it. Worship this Goddess ass the way its meant to be. Losers like you are made to serve me. I control you, I own you, and all I have to do is turn around and youre mindless. Haha loser. Come here, stick your face between these cheeks, INHALE, take in all of its glory.MP4 * 301 MB * 00:10:06 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
NewSensations.com: Step Sister Keilanis Offer Still Stands (Keilani Kita) - Asia [2K UHD 2160p]

Sweet Asian step sister Keilani had great news to tell James about, she is single, and had to wake him up to tell him all about it. James unfazed gets served from Keilani that the deal they made a while back is definitely on hoping his offer still stands and will be ready and waiting on her room to seal the deal.
Denial Game for My Birthday Day 4 (Goddess Lanie) - Ebony [FullHD 1080p]

Its Day Four! Haha I had such a good time yesterday spending your money and leaving you hanging. It didnt break your bank though, so youre good. As far as you coming or getting to stroke, I dont give a fuck. I had a good time and thats all that matters.As you know, this is a stroke game. An ALL month edging game. I tell you WHEN and HOW to stroke, until then, NOTHING! Well, this time Im feeling a little evil. This is sure to destroy you! I know you cant resist my ass, so Im going to tease you. DO NOT go over the strokes allotted, otherwise you will PAY THE PRICE. Ready?! Remember, the birthday girl always gets what she wants. :)MP4 * 315 MB * 00:07:24 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Cum For My Face (Madam Violet) - Femdom [HD 720p]

My tits in this shiny metallic barley there bikini are a sight to behold…and so guess what? You’re not going to get to look at them! Fear not though slave, you’re going to get to WOSHIP something even better - MY beautiful face. My sexy eyes that turn you inside out. My lips, My tongue and the dangerous poetry it speaks…My high cheekbones, so naturally stunning….you are going to look into My eyes, SPREAD your pussy mind wide as I fetishise My face. My tits are a distraction it’s true, but one disobedient glance and you’re TRIGGERED even deeper under My control…jerk your cock to My face, become obsessed with every nuance of My beauty. Being sexually aroused by My face - so much more cultured and refinded than being a tit-obsessed. I allow you to STARE at My juicy shny breasts for a few seconds with NO stroking, then it’s time to look into My eyes as you STROKE your dick into ORGASM. Not taking your eye off My perfect face, cementing your new fetish, My face… Contains: mesmerise, mindfuck, mental domination, sensual domination, goddess worship, tit worship, tease and denial, powerful woman, cum countdown, mind control, lip worship, eye worship, eye contact, slave training, slave conditioning,MP4 * 138 MB * 00:15:44 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
TeenPies.com/TeamSkeet.com: Only Fools Wrap Their Tools (Natalie Brooks) - Teen [FullHD 1080p]

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Crave (Goddess Madam Violet) - Femdom [HD 720p]

Crave (Goddess Madam Violet) - Femdom [HD 720p]

‘Crave’; it is more than mere desire, deeper than simple need. To CRAVE is to live, breathe, dream, obsess. To sate your hunger, quench your thirst and no sooner have you done so feel the CRAVE creeping over you again. When you CRAVE there is no respite, no relief because you have no control, you are at mercy of your addiction, you are an endless victim of the CRAVE.I take you down so sweetly yet firmly as always. Your eyes glazed on my perfect ass, my perfect tits, my beautiful eyes. ALL the way DOWN is where we both want you to be. Follow My words, follow the numbers and DROP! Take out your cock and STROKE!Desire, need, indulgence, denial, desire, need, indulge deny…CRAVING Me is a cycle you will never get out of, never escape. My words, my message my metaphor are all powerful conditioning tools, yet I also piggy-back onto a type of commercial brainwashing that is already DEEP in your psyche…THIS is all you need to SATE your desire…until that CRAVING hits again!!STROKE as I tell your confused mind how ADDICTED you are, how much you CRAVE My delicious body, my sweet words, my delectable tits, my moreish lips….as I lead you into orgasm I programme your mind to tell your cock it needs MORE the second you CUM. MORE and MORE of ME. Yearning, needing, desiring, always the endless victim of the CRAVE.MP4 * 280 MB * 00:27:02 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Shaven Smooth (Goddess Alexandra Snow) - Femdom [HD 720p]

Im of the belief that a slave should be fully shaven down in his pubic area at all times. I think pubic hair is not becoming of a slave as it looks and smells dirty and disgusting. If a slave wants his balls handled for any reason, you best bet that wont be happening if hes got a scraggly mess of disgusting hairs down there. Its unbecoming of a true submissive. So todays lesson is going to be about shaving. How you should best shave your balls without injury or razor burn. Then when youre done, youre going to experience what a clean, shaven orgasm is going to feel like. With everything so sensitive down there, youre never going to want to go au natural down there ever again. So go to the store and pick up some womens shaving cream. Youre going to shave those disgusting things clean for me today.MP4 * 380 MB * 00:10:17 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Shoplyfter.com/TeamSkeet.com: Case No. 0921993 (Izzy Lush) - Latinas [FullHD 1080p]

Addicted To Findom (Worship Jasmine) - Femdom [HD 720p]

It really intrigued you and curiosity got the better. The first initial tribute sent a rush right through your body, you felt alive, you didnt really just how horny a women could get you and you never looked back. This has been your thing has it, your way of release, it feels your sexual desires and my greed feels like nothing else. The richer and brattier I become, the hornier and more submissive you are for me. It feels insane to pay me over and over that you are always aching for that next high, that next tribute and that next fuck you from me. I am your Queen, I own you. Everything about me melts you instantly. My horny money haemorrhaging machine you have become and to have that privilege means the world to you. Its a vicious cycle you have willingly got yourself into, there is no way out and it feels good. You go through the same cycle every single time. You pay, you feel good, you are then filled with hate, resent to me and then you pay again. I own your income, I control your budget and I will spend spend spend until you are one broke loser. I confuse your weakened mind, my curves drain you. Being in a constant financial decline is what keeps your dick hard. Knowing you are spoiling me keeps you going. You cant help but pay me, its in your bl.o.0...d.This is why you will pay for this overpriced clip. This is why you will thank me over and over again in ca£h and this is why you are a complete and utter addict toFinancial Domination. I dont blame you, look how hot I look and look how hot I get you.. Arent you so glad that you came by me, that curious click has now become your addiction.MP4 * 291 MB * 00:09:07 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Lip Gloss Temptation (Crystal Knight) - Femdom [FullHD 1080p]

These lips are so much sexier with gloss on them. You just love the way my upper lip shines in the light and reflects to show of their perfect shape. My big bottom lip compliments my top lip so well. Their just so proportionate, so gorgeous, and so big that you can’t resist this lip ripoff session. It’s really not a rip off once you see whats inside this clip. Paying to see my lips could never be a rip off. MP4 * 305 MB * 00:06:09 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
IntimateLesbians.com/Spizoo.com: Ryan Keely Caged Emily Blacc (Emily Blacc, Ryan Keely) - Lesbians [FullHD 1080p]

Ryan Keely is good at making girls her bitch. Today she uses Emily Black for her sexual pleasure. Ryan puts Emily in her cage, and refuses to let her out, until she can adhere to some strict rules. She must lick her pussy, and answer to her every request. If not, she will be deeply punished. Watch and see if Emily follows the rules of her deviant master.
Buy My Worn Panties (Crystal Knight) - Femdom [FullHD 1080p]

Buy my panties! Well worn and ready to take you deeper into addiction. You know you want a pair of my delicious dirty laundry thats touched my divine ass and pussy. Just give in and pay. It’s worth every penny. This clip will give you all the info you need to know to buy them and even features a deal for multiple pairs! I just bought so many new sets of underwear so there is plenty for you to choose from. Make your addiction reality, order a pair of panties that you can sniff while jerking to me. MP4 * 234 MB * 00:04:43 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online